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The WoW developers have increased the amount of soul ash in the Beta of Shadowlands, which you need for the production of a legendary piece of armor. This means that crafting takes longer than before.

If you want to manufacture legendary equipment in WoW Shadowlands, you need a certain amount of soul ash. The sum for a legendary item at rank 1 was previously 100 units Soul ash. However, the developers have adjusted this amount in the latest beta build: Now you need 1250 units of soul ash per item at rank 1. You also get correspondingly more soul ash when you lock wings in Torghast. Overall, you need 25 percent more soul ash for the first Legendary rank than before.

Like the editors of Wowhead reported, you now need the following amounts of soul ash for the individual ranks of legendary items:

  • Rank 1: 1250 soul ash (previously 100 units)
  • Rank 2: 2000 soul ash (previously 200 units)
  • Rank 3: 3200 soul ash (previously 300 units)
  • Rank 4: 5150 soul ash (previously 400 units)

Depending on how far you advance in Torghast each week or how many levels you complete per week, you will receive the following amounts of soul ash:

  • Level 1: 150 soul ash (previously 15)
  • Level 2: 100 soul ash (previously 10)
  • Level 3: 85 soul ash (previously 5)
  • Level 4: 70 soul ash (previously 5)
  • Level 5: 60 soul ash (previously 5)
  • Level 6: 50 soul ash (previously 4)
  • Level 7: 45 soul ash (previously 3)
  • Level 8: 40 soul ash (previously 3)

So you can bag a maximum of 600 soul ashes per week for each completed wing. If you complete both wings in one week, you will receive 1200 soul ashes per week.

In practice this means: In contrast to before, you will no longer have the opportunity to produce a first legendary item in the first week after the Shadowlands release. But you can upgrade it directly to second place after the second week. In view of the fact that the first raid wings open two weeks after the release of Shadowlands, this could increase the need for upgraded legendary items. What do you think? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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