The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 differs from other genre representatives such as WoW mainly by a missing item spiral: Instead of chasing new and stronger weapons and armor with every patch, the maximum item levels have remained almost the same since the release in 2012. Of course, the question arises: what kind of endgame gear are you working towards? This is where the rarity Legendary comes into play. Legendary items are as strong as ascended ones, but they excel with unique visual effects and flexible values: At any time we can exchange the stat combinations of legendary armor, weapons and jewelry.

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What does the Legendary Armory do in GW2?

So far, you could simply borrow such items from the bank to other heroes of your account – but that won't be necessary anymore, thanks to a new feature called "Legendary Armory".

As soon as the armory becomes part of the game with an upcoming update, you and all your heroes have access to legendary items that are linked to your account. So if you have the Greatsword Twilight, for example, you can equip it at the same time on your ranger, warrior, guardian, mesmer and necromancer – no more pushing around.

For example, anyone who crafted the legendary Verdarach war horn will be able to equip it with the armory on warriors, rangers, elementalists and necromancers at the same time.

For example, anyone who crafted the legendary Verdarach war horn will be able to equip it with the armory on warriors, rangers, elementalists and necromancers at the same time.

Source: Arena Net

Goals of the Legendary Armory in GW2

The developers have in the official forum thread about aAlso explains the intentions behind the new feature. The most important thing was the compatibility with equipment templates:

  • Getting and using legendary items should feel more rewarding.
  • No more swapping account-linked legendary items should be necessary.
  • The configuration of legendary equipped items should be easier to copy from one equipment template to another.

Community reactions to the Legendary Armory

In the subreddit of Guild Wars 2 (buy now for € 39.95) the players are quite impressed by the feature and the possibilities that arise. "A lot of people will make Legendarys about it.", stresses MiniJ, for example – but he also says that it is important that transmutation must remain separate on each character, which many other users in the thread also mention as a critical point.

The user brspies also points out how important this change is for legendary runes and sigils. So far, these were really pig expensive for the fact that they can only be active on one character at a time. The fact that they become an account-wide feature makes them much more interesting.

"Nice, so if I have all six legendary pieces of jewelery / back part, do I no longer have to get ascended equipment? Pretty nice. ", The1andonlygogoman64 summarizes the advantage of the armory.

In the forum thread, the developers also call on players to leave their comments on this concept – what do you think of the whole thing?

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Guild Wars 2: Build and equipment templates explained in the video

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