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In the latest dev blog, the developers of Magic: Legends reveal two systems of action RPG that will be essential for fun and replayability: the different levels of difficulty and modifiers.

The appointment for the Magic: Legends open beta is getting closer with each passing day and the developers are bridging the time until March 23rd to continue to introduce the features and game systems of the Free2Play action RPG in the universe of Magic: The Gathering (most recently there was about Information on the equipment system).

Yesterday, March 2nd, is the recent dev blog on the game's official website gone online, and this one revolves around the various options available to you to customize the difficulty and complexity of Magic: Legends to suit your needs. Here are the most important findings:

  • Magic: Legends will have four levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master.
  • The level of difficulty affects the damage and the life points of the opponents, but also your potential rewards (the harder, the more gold, experience and Co.)
  • At the beginning only normal is open to you. Difficult, expert and master are unlocked by reaching milestones.
  • At the higher levels of difficulty, the game experience is also influenced by regional or world enchantments.
  • The regional enchantments are optional on hard. On the other hand, you have to deal with them on experts and masters.

Magic: Legends - Difficulty Levels and Modifiers & nbsp; (1)

Magic: Legends – Difficulty Levels and Modifiers (1)

Source: Perfect World

  • The regional enchantments change every few weeks and always present you with new challenges.
  • Regional enchantments can envelop all enemies in an area in flames, so that you constantly receive damage in melee range. Or it lets defeated enemies explode as they die, causing massive damage.
  • The world enchantments are powerful effects that work throughout the world. You can choose such an effect before embarking on a mission.

Magic: Legends - Difficulty Levels and Modifiers & nbsp; (3)

Magic: Legends – Difficulty Levels and Modifiers (3)

Source: Perfect World

  • World enchantments must be made with materials that you receive from the so-called prophetic feather in your rest area or that you exchange with players.
  • With the world enchantments, you increase the difficulty and complexity of a mission in order to improve the value of the rewards at the same time.
  • World enchantments come in three levels, each with more difficult enemies and special gameplay effects.

Magic: Legends - Difficulty Levels and Modifiers & nbsp; (4)

Magic: Legends – Difficulty Levels and Modifiers (4)

Source: Perfect World

  • The world enchantment Paranoia, for example, lets opponents attack you instead of your summoned creatures. With Servant of Death, in turn, a deadly enemy is hunting you all the time. This is slow, indestructible and every touch means immediate death.

The newly released trailer shows you how all this looks in motion and color:

Magic: Legends – Trailer introduces difficulty levels & modifiers

How does it look: Are you looking forward to Magic: Legends?

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