Legion Heirloom Polearm is back in stock

from Sara Petzold
Anyone who has failed to capture the heirloom polearm "Rethus Spear" in WoW Legion can do so now: The associated quest is available in World of Warcraft for the first time in six months.

The WoW expansion Legion first introduced a polearm as an heirloom in Blizzard's online role-playing game. Players were able to acquire the weapon via a special quest from the archeology trainer Dariness the scholar loot that is at the Mage Trade Market in Dalaran (at 40/25). The catch: the quest is only available for two weeks and then rotates with other Legion archeology quests so you can only complete it once every six months.

Excavations and an artifact from Neltharion's lair

Like the editors of Vanion reported, the quest is "The story of the Hochberg"Available again at Dariness for two weeks. You can currently visit the quest giver in Dalaran on the Broken Isles to accept the task and the heirloom item as part of the following quest series Rethus spear – the only heirloom polearm in the game.

The quest "The Story of Hochberg" first sends you to Lessah Mondwasser am Hochberg, an archaeologist whom you meet in Thunder Totem. Lessah gives you the follow-up quest "Research tuition", which requires you to complete 20 successful research assignments. You do this by completing excavations in the Broken Isles.

Have you done that too, Lessah Moon Feather will carry you the quest "Neltharion's Lair: Misdirected"up. Now you have to recover an ancient high mountain artifact from the dungeon Neltharion's Lair, which you can find near the last boss Dargruul. You also have to knock down Dargruul to meet the quest objectives. Now return to Lessah Moon Feather and submit the quest to receive Rethu's spear as a reward.

By the way: If you complete eight of the 13 archeology quests of the rotation at Dariness in Dalaran, you will get the achievement "Here is up". This in turn belongs to the meta-achievement Fighting in Style: Improved, which unlocks another artifact template. You can also use the first quest "On the right path"the mount"Spirit of Eche'ro"and about the 13th quest"Academic explorations"the item"Key to the Nar'thalas Academy". The latter enables you to unlock the title" Rector ".

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