Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Legion is already destroying the first console

Image source: Ubisoft, Giga Games.

Watch Dogs: Legion celebrates its release today and players can finally get into the hacking with it. Only for players on one platform could the fun be over by now. Because quite a few game testers have come across a game-breaking bug.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Attention "Xbox One" players

While PC and PS4 gamers can take a deep breath, things look worse for owners of the Xbox One – loud Eurogamer these will be featured in the Watch Dogs: Legion story campaign on yet insurmountable problems bump. Check out the game in the PS Store for the PS4:

Malefactors should be the mission "I kid you not – 404" that comes to you after about 6-8 hours of play. The picture freezes and the Xbox warns that it is about to shut down. This is a safety precaution to get a Console overheating to prevent.

Apparently, several game testers made this discovery. Particularly annoying: Xbox One is the one recommended platform by Ubisoft for Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft has already spoken out and already knows about this bug.

Ubisoft is working on the problem

You are working on a hotfix that you will update on 30th of October want to deliver. Until then, the testers advise against buying the game for the Xbox One. The problem should certainly be resolved quickly. Like this bug by the Quality control could slip is unclear.

The difficult conditions of game development under COVID-19 are likely to be a reason for this. In addition, open-world games with their extensive possibilities are more prone to bugs, which more easily go undetected.

Nobody is safe from mistakes and bugs. In the following picture gallery you can see the most notorious computer errors in history:

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Fortunately, the Xbox One switches itself off if there is a risk of overheating. Otherwise, the game-breaking bug in Watch Dogs: Legion would surely result in some dismantled consoles.

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