Earlier this week, LEGO and Nintendo announced a new collaboration. Speculation about the end product grew and while most were hoping for a new LEGO video game, it turned out to be an innovative toy world with numerous details and sound effects.

Thanks to Mario Maker, you can build your own levels in the video game. But taking it into your own hands and building it is sure to be a good change. Thanks to LEGO, you will soon be able to complete levels from the cult game Super Mario also build, record and experience in the real world.

“We are very excited to bring Mario into the physical world through interactive and social LEGO play. With this experience, we will help millions of children who love Mario engage and play in a whole new way, with control over creating and playing games with their favorite character. By seamlessly integrating the latest digital technology, Lego Super Mario is an extremely social, interactive, and collaborative experience for children, ” explained Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin.

There are some wicked secrets.

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The world of Super Mario is really scary

Animated characters and sound effects

A published trailer represents a whole LEGO set from which you can create a level. It's pretty chic, but the whole thing is also interactive. Mario himself has a small interactive screen over his red overalls and shows, among other things, how many coins he currently has in his pockets and how much time you have left. Matching sound effects complete the whole and give the toy the typical Super Mario feeling.

Of course there are also known opponents. Of Gumbas, on Carnivorous Plants, Koopas and Bowser Junior are all there. The set does not have a specific release date yet, but more information will follow shortly. We will keep you up to date.

LEVIs x Super Mario

The lively Italian is currently getting around. Not only did LEGO and Nintendo enter into a partnership, the tradition-steeped LEVIs brand did not miss out on a cooperation. The result is one whole fashion collection with numerous items of clothing with and around Mario.

The collection will be released on April 1, 2020 and ranges from bags to t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. Of course, jeans overalls should not be missing and no, it is not an April joke. What do you say about the collection? Some for you?