Fans sometimes create amazing things when it comes to issues that are dear to their hearts. So also Reddit user Ddave_, who created breathtaking Pokémon sculptures out of LEGO for a convention.

There are people who love Pokémon a lot creativity produces. A good example of this is a 70-year-old man who plays Pokémon GO with a whopping 45 smartphones. It was certainly not easy for him to find a solution to drive around with 45 devices and catch Pokémon at the same time. But nice to see that the franchise for all ages well received.

Others have one Talent for delicate work and the necessary fantasy, This also owns Reddit user Ddave_who for a Convention unspeakably detailed and large Pokémon sculptures from LEGO created.

Let's see what 2020 has in store.

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You look so real

It wasn't going to be easy, these big ones LEGO buildings Safe to transport to a convention, but Pokémon fan Ddave_ has obviously made it and presents his work on a simple table. Nothing more is necessary because that to detail the sculptures attract enough attention and make them look deceptively real.

At first glance you can Pikachu, Kleinstein, Eevee and Ditto recognize well, because the shape and colors are very well matched. Have you ever copied something from Pokémon? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

I built Pokemon out of LEGO for my local LEGO convention. from r / pokemon