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What do you do in WoW when you are really bored? Of course, with a level 1 character you earn 5,000 success points – character-specific, mind you. WoW-Spieler Winterly achieved this success. But this is by no means the end of this challenge.

After collecting resources in the pandaren starting area, earning Iron Man Challenge and Classic PvP Rank 14 before a maximum of level 60, we take a look at a new challenge that players have set themselves with their twinks in WoW. The goal: to collect as many success points as possible on a level 1 character.

Not only does Winterly have a ton of very well-equipped Level 1 characters, but they do too Over 5,000 (character-specific) success points on his level 1 hunter. Level 1 characters cannot be examined in the official arsenal, but there are with the a page that records the achievements of low-level WoW characters. Here Winterly shows the successes in the video:

I didn't actually think I'd be able to do this, especially before Shadowlands (I came close haha) but one of my many many goals on my 1 twink finally came possible last night when I hit 5000 achievements on my level 1 twink .
Thanks to everyone that has ever helped or supported me on my journey.
All achievements are character specific, no account wide achievement is counted towards the 5k etc.
Next step? 6k ofc

For such a company, you naturally need a lot of support. Winterly thanks his helpers for this unusual action and of course has set himself the next goal of reaching 6,000 success points. If you want to plunge into unusual adventures with a level 1 character, you can go to Resistant to Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar Put in an experience stop and do not run the risk of accidentally increasing the level.


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