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No matter if you are new to World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth or if you already play your X-th twink, a lot of content awaits you when you reach level 120. Here we have a checklist of the most important things you should do when you reach the endgame.

As already described in our column, there are a lot of features waiting for you in the end game of World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth – it's no wonder, because after several main patches we are in the last upgrade before the next expansion Shadowlands. So that you keep an overview and proceed optimally with regard to upgrading your hero, we have compiled a checklist below. Have fun!

  • If you have reached level 120, you should first relog to the get the latest patch information or start quests automatically.
  • For craftsmen: If you have already reached crafting level 150, pick up the "Tools of the Trade" starting quest from your BfA professional teacher, for example Silas' sphere of transmutation for alchemists. You can complete the quest later; it should initially only be noted in the quest log.
  • For hunters: Pick up the starting quest for the activation of Hati from the image of Mimiron on the commercial wind market in Boralus (Alliance) or Grand Bazaar in Dazar'alor (Horde). You can complete the quest later; it should initially only be noted in the quest log.
  • Go to the mission table in Boralus or Dazar'alor and switch it to the mission quest giver World quests for Kul Tiras or Zandalar free. Still completing no World quests, because the item level of the rewards depends on your average item level. We will increase this significantly in the following!
  • Take that Starting quest for Nazjatar at the mission quest giver (relog if necessary beforehand).
  • For craftsmen: Arrived in Nazjatar, if you have already reached craft level 150, do the level 175 upgrade for your craft.
  • Play through the Nazjatar intro and get your first good item rewards (375 weapon and 385 Azerite armor).
  • If you have installed the portal to Boralus or Dazar'alor in Nazjatar, Magni Bronzebeard will appear with the Start quest for the essence empowerment of your heart from Azeroth. Complete the questline, which will take you to the heart chamber and up the mountain, among other things, and finally activate your first essence. Your Heart of Azeroth receives a massive boost at level 50 when installing the Hearth Forge, which allows you to activate all traits of your 385 Azerite armor!
  • Buy from the astral dealer in Boralus or Dazar'alor 2nd Seal of War Destiny for war resources and / or gold. You will use this later for bonus throws at world bosses.
  • Return to Nazjatar and receive your next quest first level 385 benthic item. You also get with the quest 20 prismatic mana beads. However, you give these pearls Not, as requested in the subsequent quest, to upgrade your first benthic item, but instead buy from the relevant item dealer in Nazjatar four more level 385 benthic items your choice!
  • Then complete the questline for your first Nazi companion, the Unlocks World Quests for Nazjatar. You now have access to the current weekly Nazjatar world boss. Put the Nazjatar world boss, uses the first bonus roll and, with a bit of luck, picks up one or two level 415+ epic items.
  • Finally, complete other Nazjatar quests and world quests that award Prismatic Mana Pearls as a reward. With the pearls you buy benthic items againto bring the remaining item slots to level 385. Together with heirloom items in the jewelry slots, you should now have a respectable average item level.
  • Take that Starting quest for Mechagon in Nazjatar and complete all quests until the daily Mechagon emissary quest is unlocked. You will receive among other things an epic gem of level 400+.
  • Now accept the Ny'alotha start quest in Boralus or Dazar'alor and runs through the entire Black Empire campaign. Here you get yours legendary cloak of level 470+, more powerful epic items and new essences. You will also receive Access to the weekly empire world boss. Cast the world boss, use the second bonus roll, and with a bit of luck, grab one or two level 445 epic items.
  • if the Heroic Dark Coast War Front is currently active for your faction, you now do the associated quest and receive one guaranteed item of level 460.
  • Your average item level is now so high that Complete the daily world quests and the three emissary quests on Kul Tiras or Zandalar worth it. For the world quests, you set the filter to "Show equipment" and strategically work through the quests, which means that you prioritize those quests that result in the largest item level upgrade. Pay special attention to weapons, rings and jewelry. In this way you push the average item level to the next higher level faster.
  • For the coming time, the envoy quests on Kul Tiras or Zandalar (especially the rings and jewelry of the Tortollans), the attacks of the Black Empire (once or twice a week), the weekly empire boss as well as those in the Alternating Heroic Dark Coast War Front (every three weeks). With the Echoes from Ny'alotha, which you receive as a currency during these activities, can be found in the ventricle epic rank 3 essences purchase without having to meet the call requirements for these essence upgrades.

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