This employee from the library in Austin, Texas did not use a GTA 5 heist as a model. Instead of money or diamonds, he stole printer cartridges, but worth 1.3 million dollars.

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No men with ski masks, no police sirens and no chase, this theft was anything but action-packed. A librarian made the proud of his employer $ 1.3 million by stealing printer cartridges from the library and sold them online. He spent his wealth on video games and accessories, among other things.

The mere fact that the theft took place in a library is so completely anti-climactic to the amount stolen that it is just absurd. Randall Whited also stole some absolutely boring loot in the form of printer cartridges. Over the course of 12 years, so the 72 page report of the Austin authorities, Whited got the library's need for printer cartridges worth the money actual $ 150,000 raised to $ 1.5 millionwithout anyone noticing.

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Whited stole the enormous surplus of printer cartridges, stored them in his home and sold them online. In March 2019 he was then found outwhen a surveillance camera filmed him loading boxes of printer cartridges into his car. The hearing about the fraud is coming up soon.

Whited also used ten library credit cards. With you he bought video games, VR gear, drones and robotic vacuum cleaners. The automatic household helpers probably never had much to do, there were boxes with printer cartridges everywhere.

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