Light as a feather gaming laptop at a great price on Black Friday

Otto discovers his heart for gamers and has a good gaming laptop from MSI on sale on Black Friday. Almost everyone who normally gambles on their powerful gaming desktop PC may sometimes also want a portable, powerful gaming laptop that can simply be packed into the backpack the next time they visit family. The "MSI GF75 10SDR-420 Gaming Notebook" is just as much a device and it is currently on offer at

MSI Gaming Notebook + Office 356 at a top price in Otto's Black Friday sale – you save 250 euros

The offer in the Black Friday Sale at Otto is a bundle with the MSI GF75 gaming laptop and Microsoft 365 Single Office application software, this software costs about 69 euros in stores. So you get more than just a gaming notebook, the license for "Microsoft 365 Single" is valid for one year and the package contains premium versions of the Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher, OneDrive, Skype and 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage, as well as the MSI software package including Dragon Center 2020 and the MSI App Player.

The MSI GF75 gaming laptop (with Intel i7 / 16 GB RAM / 1,000 GB / 256 GB SSD storage) is very thin and light, and so is the price. A market comparison shows that the gaming laptop in this configuration, including Office 365 and Windows 10, is only available on and, at the same price.

The fast and light gaming notebook "MSI GF75 10SDR-420" (+ software) now costs only 1,199 euros (including VAT) in Otto's Black Friday sale, previously the price was 1,449 euros, so you save a whole 250 euros.

Otto also gives you the shipping costs (from 23.11-21.12) and also offers the option of paying in installments with 0% financing, so you can pay in different installments and that without interest. It may be that this gaming laptop is still too expensive for you, then you can pay for the device at Otto, for example, in 6 monthly installments at a rate of 208.90 euros (+ an installment surcharge of 49.20 euros).

MSI is one of the good brand names in the gaming area and the laptop has powerful hardware equipment, so the price is usually above the 1000 euro mark, below that you have to make compromises in terms of processor performance, memory capacity and graphics cards.

For whom is the purchase of the MSI gaming notebook MSI GF75 Thin worthwhile?

The MSI GF75 (Thin) series is characterized above all by its light and thin construction, which is why the gaming laptop is especially interesting for people who want to gamble anywhere and anytime or who have to use other demanding multimedia applications on their device, for business or pleasure private, the device can do both. In addition, the offer includes a license for Microsoft 365 Single with numerous Office applications, so you can be productive or just relax with the new Assassin's Creed Valhalla or with Gran Turismo Sport, “pick your poison”.

The equipment of the MSI GF75 is also impressive, the laptop has a fast Intel i7 processor (six-core processor), with 2.6 GHz and Turbo Boost up to 5 GHz, so the processor has a simple clock frequency even with higher requirements to adjust. In addition, there is sufficient hard drive storage capacity built into the device, with 256 GB SSD storage and 1000 GB HDD, as well as 16 GB RAM (2666 Mhz. Clock rate). The gaming notebook should also be able to cope with current racing games, especially since a good graphics card is installed. The Nividia GeForce GTX 16 Ti graphics card enables smooth frame rates for all current games. The SSD system drive with PCI Express connection also ensures fast system and program starts.

Especially demanding gamers might have been happy about an "RTX 2060" graphics card at this price, but it was not installed. The Thin-Bazel gaming screen ensures sharp images and a 17.3 screen is really good and increases gaming fun. The stylish background lighting of the keyboard and the powerful sound system also support the gaming experience or the enjoyment of a movie. If you don't like this MSI gaming laptop, then maybe the cheaper Acer Predator Triton 300. In addition, we have put together other attractive offers for you on Black Friday, from Amazon and other providers.