Most of you may not have heard the name Lightforge Games before. It’s no wonder, because it’s a very young development studio that has only been around for a short time. The team’s founders and employees include many former employees of Epic Games and Blizzard Entertainment. Also on board are Matt Schembari (Epic), Glenn Rane (Blizzard) and Marc Hutcheson (Blizzard and Epic).

The team is already working on a project that is currently still secret. According to initial information, it will be a kind of “social video game” in which users can “create their own worlds and tell stories”. It looks like the project is leaning towards the RPG genre. In general, Lightforge Games seems to have set itself big goals. On the official website says the managing director Matt Schembari:

“We love social, creative games, and we especially love games where the user drives the story. We want to combine elements of Minecraft and Roblox with those of tabletop RPGs to create a new way of playing role-playing games. Given From our background, the obvious choice was to make a game that would revolutionize RPGs. “

These are big words that the Lightforge Games team should soon be translating into action. Further details about the secret project are not yet known. It will probably be a while before we see the first material. The studio is currently looking for additional employees.

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