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Playdead is currently looking for new employees for a project that will become an open world game. First artworks look very dark.

A science fiction open world game by the limbo makers

Do you have the atmosphere in the puzzle platformers Limbo (buy now ) and enjoyed Inside? Then you can look forward to the studio's next project. First artworks promise again that we will get a pretty dark atmosphere. The job advertisements are looking for people who have gained experience with open world titles. In addition, it should be a game in a science fiction scenario and you control the hero from the 3rd person perspective.

The artworks show a mysterious, barren world full of rocks, canyons and rivers. There seem to be ruins or mysterious structures to explore. A kind of elevator can be seen on an artwork that leads down into the depths. The little rover that can be seen in several of the pictures is interesting. It could be that you can control this next to your character, for example to explore areas in advance or to advance to places that you otherwise cannot get to.

The game will appear at least exclusively on the Epic Games Store, as a publishing deal between Playdead and Epic Games was announced last year. This also means that the Unreal Engine is used in the development. The new game should not only appear for PC, but for several platforms, which have not yet been explicitly mentioned. When we can learn more about the title and see gameplay is not yet known.

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Limbo: Playdead employee develops version for the C64

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Limbo & Inside will be available in the autumn as a special edition

Publisher 505 Games will publish a joint special edition of the two Playdead adventures Limbo and Inside this fall.

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