You can currently use Bookbeat Premium for a full 4 weeks for free. The test phase usually only lasts 14 days, but thanks to a voucher code you can now double the period. The app includes over 100,000 audio books for young and old. Whether you like fantasy, non-fiction, fiction or science fiction, you are sure to find it here.

BookBeat Premium 4 weeks free: Here’s how

Whether on the way to work, to relax in the afternoon or as a sleep aid – audio books are very popular. At BookBeat, as a new customer, you now have the opportunity to use the app Free for 4 weeks to test. Usually there are only 2 weeks and the choice is huge: With over 100,000 audio books you are spoiled for choice. Regardless of whether it is “The Kangaroo Chronicles”, “The Hunger Games” or George Orwell’s “1984”, everyone will find it.

To register for the 4 weeks, just follow her this link to the BookBeat promotions page. The discount code “4wratis”, which gives you the free trial month, is already activated. When registering, you have to decide on a tariff and payment method, but you can easily cancel during your trial month. There are no additional costs, but the 4 weeks free will continue to run until the end. The free access is the Premium-Rates and you can hear as much as you want indefinitely in these 4 weeks.

BookBeat: What does the audiobook app offer?

What is special about BookBeat is that it 3 different tariff options there are to choose from. These depend on how much time you want or can invest in listening to audio books.

  • Im Basic tariff you can listen up to 25 hours a month and pay for it 9,99 Euro.
  • Im Standard-Tarif there are up to 100 hours a month for 14,99 Euro.
  • Im Premium-Rates is available at the price of 19,99 Euro Unlimited listening pleasure per month.

If you notice after a while that you want to use more or less hours, switching between the individual tariffs is no problem. You can also cancel at the push of a button and do not involve any additional effort. It should be positively emphasized that the audiobooks can be downloaded in the app and listened to on the go without using up your data volume.

There is also the option of creating a family account in the BookBeat app. Up to 5 profiles can be created there; you then pay 4.90 euros per profile, so that not every family member has to book their own tariff.

If you would like to find out more about other audiobook providers, we have a reading tip for you here:

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Sebastian Trepesch03.03.2020

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