Saturday, September 25, 2021

Literally a strong bond of friendship

In the harsh Wild West, you need good friends who have your back. These Red Dead Online players have definitely found it.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Anyone who gets into trouble in Red Dead Online is lucky to have friends like the following two players. When things get tough, you need a helping hand from time to time, or rather, to put it another way a helping lasso.


A nomination for the "Best Buddy Award" definitely deserves this player who ssaved a friend from certain death. With a lasso throw he pulled his friend off the tracks at the last second and saved him from the approaching train.

In one YouTube video you can see the great litter again from the other perspective.

The next Savior also uses the manifestation of the bond of friendship again. This time, the lasso throw does not save from death by the train, but from falling down the waterfall. Here, too, the rescue came at the last second.

The two heroes are of course celebrated on Reddit. Most users also want such friends and congratulate them on the impressive campaigns. Hopefully the two rescuers got a drink or two in the saloon, they deserved it.