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Did you keep your lock modules for the release of Generation 6 in Pokémon Go? Then you should save yourself the effort for now. Because of a bug that could otherwise be exploited unfairly, the developers at Niantic decided at short notice not to let the lure modules temporarily attract pocket monsters from Kalos. But some more good news: Your Pokébox can now hold up to 4,000 Pokémon.

Watch out, trainers! The Pokémon from the Kalos region, the 6th generation pocket monsters, can be found in Pokémon Go. However, there is no point in standing for hours near PokéStops that you are constantly feeding with lure modules. Because as the people from Niantic tweeted, there was an unfair error with the lock modules. Therefore, the lock modules currently do not attract Kalos-Mon. So save yourself the use of the modules for now and wait until the developers have fixed your problem!

The problem with the lock modules was expressed as follows: If Pokémon are attracted by a lure module that you have not yet entered in the Pokédex, then this pocket monster only appears in a very small size. And if you select the Mon to the other, then Pokémon Go simply freezes, so you have to restart the app. Stupid of course not only for the trainers who want to catch Kalos pocket monsters, but also for all new Pokémon Go players who are currently filling their Pokédex. Apparently, a large part of the Pokémon Go community belongs to the first group, which is why only Kalos-Mon ​​are not attracted by lock modules.

But there is also good news, especially for the hardcore collectors among you: Your Pokébox can now hold up to 4,000 Pokémon. At least something.

We are all still waiting in vain for a special offer in which a Pokémon Storage Plus is offered a little cheaper than for 200 Pokécoins.

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