Just last month it was spontaneously announced that the League of Legends Worlds in 2021, the Moba’s world championship, would have to move from China to Europe. At the time, the exact venue was still unknown, but we now know that it has become Iceland.

The World Cup will take place from October 5th to November 8th and because Iceland is quite a long stretch for some teams, the company behind the globally successful multi-player title Riot Games is helping a little. Some Korean teams, for example, are being driven to Iceland in a private plane thanks to Riot. And that for a very large sum.

From Korea to Iceland: Riot donated a private flight

Difficult times call for creative measures: Riot Games also seems to have agreed and procured a private plane to take Korean teams to the League of Legends World Cup (buy now ) to fly to Iceland. Ashley Kang, founder of KorizonEsports, shared some footage on Twitter showing the Korean players at the airport.

While they are in first tweet amused, wrote whether the player “BeryL” has stuck a pillow to his head, she announced in the nextthat all teams landed well. The teams DWG KIA, GenG, T1 and Hanwha Life Esports were on board. Incidentally, the plane the four teams used to arrive is a Boeing 777.

That’s how expensive the flight was for Riot Games

As Wikipedia reveals, the aircraft, also known as the Triple Seven, is designed for long-haul flights and can actually carry between 300 to 550 passengers. Even if you include related people such as coaches and consultants, the Korean athletes are likely to be far from this sum. However, the private plane paid for by Riot is not a regular Boeing 777, but a smaller, but all the more luxurious machine. More precisely: a Boeing 777-200LR.

LoL-Caster und Twitch-Streamer Caedrel asserts, the plane in question would cost $ 23,000 an hour. A 15-hour flight makes a nice sum: the trip of the Korean superstars would have cost $ 345,000. At the current rate that would correspond to almost 300,000 euros. Caedrel refers to the information provided by Paramount Business Jets. Business Insider spoke in April 2020 of 50,000 dollars an hour, which could make the total price many times higher.

“With such an advantage, the Korean teams can of course only win”, Caedrel jokes in his stream. He writes on Twitter: “If you win the Worlds, it was an absolute plane difference, wasn’t it?” In connection with League of Legends, one speaks of a difference in the case of an extreme advantage, for example in a match-up on the lane or in the jungle.

There was definitely a difference when the players arrived. Player James “Tallywhacka” Shute, member of the Australian team PEACE posted on twitter a picture of his luggage and wrote that he was ready for the 30-hour journey. Admittedly, it’s just a little further from Australia to Iceland than from Korea. But he will probably not have come by private plane.

Sources: Ashley Kang on Twitter (1) and (2) / Caedrel on Twitter

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