Furniture related to gaming is often unusual. However, one Cluvens product overshadows them all. The Scorpion Computer Cockpit is so insane it's awesome again.

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Everyone has a simple gaming chair

There are thousands of different types of gaming furniture, including chairs, available in every price range. Here and there the designs are pretty crazy, but the Cluvens company goes one better.

Under the name Scorpion Computer Cockpit, the company presents a very complex and mechanical construct, that is touted for gaming and home work alike – in the shape of a huge scorpion.

If you like it easier.

Oversteel ULTIMET - professional gaming chair, blue

Oversteel ULTIMET – professional gaming chair, blue

The structure of the gaming cockpit

The Scorpion Computer Cockpit is mechanical madness. The main part of the body is a large chair in which, depending on the setting, you can sit horizontally or almost lie down. The monster's tail is movable and thus forms a monitor arm. According to the manufacturer you can here up to five monitors can be attached. Fold-out arms are the icing on the cake. They offer enough space for a mouse and keyboard.

That is how much technology costs, of course, the company calls out on the official website a price of $ 3,300. Anyone who thinks the chair will be delivered in one piece is wrong. The buyer then has the task of assembling the arachnid himself – probably not easy.

What do you think of the good piece and would you put it up? Do you even own unusual gaming furniture? Feel free to tell us in the Facebook comments.

Jasmin Peukert
Jasmin Peukert, GIGA expert for games, anime, Final Fantasy 14 and League of Legends.

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