For my part, I had a lot of fun playing Lords of the Fallen from Deck13. Sure, the quality of the Souls series by From Software did not reach the Frankfurt studio, but in 2014 Jan Klose and Co. delivered an atmospheric, atmospherically dense and great-looking action role-playing game that I would have liked to see a second part of years ago .

A successor was even announced by the Polish publisher CI Games for 2017 a year after the release of Lords of the Fallen, but it was already clear then that Deck13 wouldn't be on board this time. Not bad for the Frankfurters, who subsequently were able to establish themselves as a strong action role-playing game forge with The Surge and The Surge 2.

For Lords of the Fallen 2 (buy now € 16.43 ) But then things didn't go too well. In 2015, CI Games said that they wanted to work with several partners to develop the game. However, that should not have been too fruitful. In 2018, one year after the planned release of Lords of the Fallen 2, the project was handed over to Defiant, only to be withdrawn from the studio a year later – the quality achieved so far was worse than expected.

As is well known, all good things come in threes and now the newly founded Hexworks studio, which is based in Barcelona and Bucharest, should take care of it.

"It's been a long time since we talked about Lords of the Fallen 2 and tried different ideas", Marek Tyminski from CI Games comments on the announcement. "I am very pleased that we can introduce the new studio, which has already been active for six months and has made significant progress. At first we decided to keep it a secret, as we didn't want to make it public before we joined the core team and we would all agree on the details of the first project and move our vision forward. Now is the time to officially say that we are here and will stay here. "

The 25-strong team should give Lords of the Fallen 2 more dark fantasy elements and be more challenging than its predecessor. The release is planned for PC, the Xbox Series and the PC.

Source: Dual stoolers, Eurogamer

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