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Fan-favorite (and Hassling, does that exist ?!) among the Pokémon is Magikarp. Cosplayer and Magikarp fan Lucasmh has now immortalized his creative Magikarp costume as an absolutely iconic tattoo on his upper arm.

Magikarp is basically one of the most popular and least popular Pokémon at the same time. With its signature ability Splatter, the pocket monster doesn’t tear much. Or to be precise: nothing at all. But once you manage to develop Gyarados out of Magikarp, then Magikarp is the absolute hero … or rather the monstrous water snake Gyarados. Magikarp is still an absolute cult for many Pokémon fans.

And if you want to portray Magikarp as a cosplay, then a lot of brainpower is required. Because how beautiful do you make a costume of a Pokémon that most of the time doesn’t do much more than lie on the ground and take a leap into lofty heights every now and then? That alone is a challenge in itself that cosplayer and Magikarp fan Lucasmh has taken on.

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Magikarp as a serious businessman

Lucasmh’s idea was as simple as it was ingenious: he organized a suit in Magikarp orange with a matching tie and gloves. The cosplay was completed with a white shirt, white shoes and a Magikarp mask including the iconic whiskers. Clever, you have to come up with the idea first. But then there’s the icing on the cake!

Lucasmh was so convinced of his look that he now has a tattoo of his Magikarp cosplay on his upper arm, complete with Karpador’s Japanese name Koikingu in Japanese characters! Look at the pictures!

Magikarp Fan is celebrated by Magikarp fans

This kind of dedication is of course celebrated endlessly by Reddit commentators. One of them says admiringly, “This guy tattooed himself on himself,” and another jokes, what if Lucasmh were a tattoo artist himself … “He, himself, tattooed himself on himself.” Tattoo reception! That reminds a bit of Steve-O vom Jackass-Team

What do you think of Lucasmh’s Karpador body art? Do you have a tattoo inspired by a game yourself?

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