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Lost Ark was released in Korea in 2018 and has become one of the most popular games there. Even top MMO titles like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 or Black Desert cannot keep up. How do you think the action RPG will fare for us?

When it comes to games, the clocks tick a little differently in Asia than here. Many Asian gamers fall back on computers in internet cafés or mobile devices due to the lack of a fast gaming PC. When it comes to the payment model, the Asian market tolerates Pay2Win mechanisms more than the Western one, and when it comes to the presentation of content, developers in the Asian region have to consider completely different things than in the Western region (e.g. the Depiction of bones, blood and skulls). Then there are necessary adjustments such as localization.

It can be correspondingly time-consuming to make a game like Lost Ark, which was released in Korea as early as 2018, fit for the western market. As is well known, Amazon Game Studios are responsible for the porting, and they want to release the action role-playing game with MMO genes in the US and EU regions in autumn 2021. Will Lost Ark, thanks to the adjustments made in the west, be as great a success as it is in its home country Korea?

According to the Gamemeca website Lost Ark is now one of the most popular games there (via My MMO). Even top MMO titles like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 or Black Desert cannot keep up. Here are the top 30 (plus other well-known titles) of the most popular games from June 30 to July 6, 2021:

1) League of Legends
3) Lost Ark
4) Fifa Online 4
5) Overwatch
6) Sudden Attack
7) Valuing
8) Starcraft
9) Maple Story
10) Aion: Tower of Eternity
11) Map Rider
12) Dungeon Fighter
13) World of Warcraft
14) Lineage
15) Cyphers
16) Black Desert
17) GTA 5
18) Warcraft 3
19) Eternal Return
20) Apex Legends
21) Lineage 2
22) Tales Runner
23) Starcraft 2
24) Blade and Soul
25) Odin: Valhalla Rising
26) Diablo 3
27) Dota 2
28) Rainbow Six: Siege
29) Special Force
30) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
31) Heroes of the Storm
32) CoD: Warzone
33) Minecraft

40) Path of Exile
41) Final Fantasy 14

Here is some more information about Lost Ark:

Lost Ark: New Gameplay Trailer for the “Diablo Killer”

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