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WoW players can get Hearthstone goodies for a limited time if they choose to purchase a 6 month subscription.

Anyone who already had an active 6-month subscription before July 1st or who took out a 6-month subscription afterwards will receive the sapphire cloud torch in retail WoW and the pet gnome in the ball for Burning Crusade Classic. These special Mount offers almost always return on time every 6 months.

A 6-month subscription for WoW (buy now 14,99 €) now offers you great bonuses in Hearthstone. As soon as you have signed up for your subscription, you will receive 15 card packs of the current expansion Unite in Stormwind, an inn pass and battlefield bonuses via the cross promo. The inn pass allows you to level up faster via the reward path and offers additional rewards in the form of gold, card packs and diamond cards via this new feature.

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Battlefield bonuses allow you to choose from four instead of two heroes at the beginning of a game, you can use emotes, get access to your game statistics and get early access to new heroes. For those who play battlefields more often, the inn pass is a must.

You will receive 15 more Mercenary Packs when Mercenary Mode releases on October 12th. Mercenary mode is a brand new game mode that combines RPG and rogue-like. Instead of a deck, you go into battle with your mercenaries and have to complete missions. At the beginning you get eight mercenaries, the rest of the total of 50 mercenary cards you have to produce using the mercenary coins earned or you buy mercenary card packs.

In addition, you will receive 15 card packs from a future Hearthstone expansion as well as 15 mercenary packs, an inn pass and battlefield bonuses at a later date.

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