A name like a poem and gameplay like an intergalactic roller coaster ride: Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time is a charming co-op hit that you should definitely try out.

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Not only does Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time have a wonderfully poetic name, but it is too a varied and lovingly designed co-op adventure. In it you steer a neon-colored spaceship through even more neon-colored sci-fi worlds and have to fight off all kinds of cute but dangerous creatures. Depending on your preferences and relationship status, you can play the game with up to three friends, acquaintances or, of course, lovers.

All You Need Is Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time is one of my personal co-op favorites because the gameplay strikes a perfect balance between fun, difficulty and simplicity. The concept is so simple that it can be understood at a glance: You have to get your little astronauts to steer the spaceship through treacherous worlds – and Free little bunnies from cages on your Space Odyssey. You have to coordinate with your fellow campaigners who is using which on-board cannon and when, who is at the wheel and who is positioning the shield. Using small ladders in the ship, you can change your position non-stop and thus position yourself ideally.

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But even if the task can be explained quickly, the implementation is by no means that easy. While individual aliens are less likely to present you with challenges, are Attacks from larger alien groups are a real stress test. In these situations, your cute little spaceship can be crushed by huge swarms, the alarm bells ring, your health indicator drops and inside the ship there is sheer chaos.

Then it is necessary sharply shouted instructions, risky evasive maneuvers and precise laser salvosto get you out of these dangerous ambushes.

Check out the trailer for the 4-player update from Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time here:

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time: Like overcooked, only in space and without cooking

In particularly fast-paced moments, however, you like to stand in each other’s way: It is not uncommon for two players to have exactly the same thoughts and get in each other’s way. Communication is your most important means (next to the powerful special weapons) in the fight against the colorful space threats. Not least because of this, Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time reminds me of the high pressure situations in Overcooked, even if it’s not about putting out your kitchen that’s on fire.

But even though you sometimes throw yourself up with your crew members and then prefer to steer the ship all by yourself, fire the cool lasers and install upgrades: In the end, you can only progress together in Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time. With a lot of love.

So: Find your loved ones together, sit down on the next best couch and schmeißt Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time an. The space bunnies won’t save themselves after all.

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