Low price back before Christmas

Death Stranding has been one of the most controversial games of the past few years, with critics and fans repeatedly confirming: It is an experience that should be made. Saturn and Co. think of you with low prices if you want to play the science fiction adventure over Christmas.

Death Stranding at best prices at Saturn and other markets

"Death Stranding is a masterpiece that you will hate" judged our editor Marina in the test on Death Stranding, because the controversial work of Hideo Kojima is divided. If you wanted to experience it yourself and possibly even over the holidays, you can now get the PS4 game at the best prices Saturn. Media Markt or with the less well known provider MediaLand4You to order. At Saturn as well as MediaMarkt there are Hideo Kojimas Death Stranding at a very good price from 44.99 euros 59.99 euros,

The provider MediaLand4You even offers the action adventure for 38 euros horny and has good ratings from customers on Idealo.de, That is close to that historical best price, however, you have to weigh yourself whether you want to buy from a rather unknown shop.

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Death Stranding was released in early November 2019 for just under 60 euros, but has since gradually fallen in price. Most providers have the game in their range for around 50 euros, the historical best price for a very short period was even 33.99 euros. Before Christmas things go downhill with the sales price – the Christmas business is waving.