After less than two weeks on YouTube Gaming, Ludwig has chosen the biggest fish in the YouTube pool as an enemy. He and Dr Disrespect have had a not very serious dispute for some time, which Ludwig now wants to clarify in a 1v1. To make things interesting for the “Doc”, Ludwig throws a million dollars into the ring as a bet.

Dr Disrespect’s taunts

Two YouTube heavyweights could face each other in a duel for a million euros after Ludwig offered the Doc a huge bet. Dr. Disrespect appears to be targeting the newest YouTube member, Ludwig Ahgren. In a hilarious streamer “feud”, he got the former Twitch star because of his name, size, as “1.6 m little Gaming-Nerd” and much more raised.

Recently he fired another joke: “How do you pronounce your name? Lud-widge? He thought he was going to win the streamer of the year award. His name? Luggage … luggage? I don’t know, Jesus.”

Ludwig vs Dr Disrespect – Who is the better gamer?

However, almost immediately after submitting his bet, Ludwig was made aware of a factor he hadn’t considered: This week, Warzone – one of the Doc’s favorite games – is going on a new Battle Royale card for the first time since its release in 2020 rearranged. Their publication creates the conditions for a perfect duel.

“Really now, there’s a new Warzone map this week?” he read out in his chat. “Oh shit, can I delete this? For God’s sake … I don’t want to be embarrassed.” said Ludwig in his stream.

Ludwig rows back, the duel remains open

During his stream, Ludwig also addressed the huge amount he had exposed in the Dr. Disrespect challenge. According to the YouTuber, he has The huge million dollar prize that he offered as a stake was not taken seriously.

Just like “when Doc says there are 30 million in his arena,” he explained, “but in reality there are only 30,000 watching,” Ludwig exaggerated.

At the time of publication, Dr. Disrespect has not yet answered Ludwig’s huge bet, although it is surely only a matter of time – the “Two Time” will not be able to miss a challenge. We’ll tell you what it’s really about in the end as soon as the time comes.


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