from Sebastian Glanzer
Twitch streamer Ludwig has only been on the streaming platform since 2019, but has already built over 3 million followers and has just broken the Twitch subscriber record. But now he is switching exclusively to YouTube Gaming and has big plans there.

Twitch-Streamer Ludwig has taken the streaming platform by storm and has over 3 million followers in record time. With his streaming / sub-marathon (31 days of continuous streaming) he caused a sensation, as he got on with it over 280,000 subscribers came and put Ninja’s old subscriber record from 2018 in the shade.

But now takes Ludwig said goodbye to Twitch and switches to YouTube aming, where he will stream exclusively from now on. He makes the platform change official in an amusing video.

The streaming platform war is entering the next round

Twitch is still by far the largest live streaming platform for games, Facebook gaming and YouTube but want to get more and more of the cake and, in contrast to newly emerging streaming sites like Mixer, are making deliberate moves. To Twitch streaming greats like Tim The Tatman and Dr. Lupo YouTube grabs the next big fish with Ludwig.

With over a million followers on Twitter and over 3 million followers on Twitch, Ludwig is a fixture in the streaming industry. As a former Super Smash Bros. commentator, his popularity has skyrocketed since he started streaming full-time in 2019.

What are the reasons for Ludwig’s move to YouTube?

So far, fans don’t know exactly what made him switch to YouTube. But he was quickly welcomed by other content creators on the platform like Valkyrae and CouRage.

For those who are wondering why Ludwig is changing platforms even though he has had great success on Twitch, there is now a simple explanation: True to his Twitter bio “Mogul moves”, he has big plans and probably wants to join the big leagues rise and sees the switch to YouTube as the appropriate move.


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