Lumberjack simulator: tree stump-like through botany

Kill trees, drive an SUV, cross-country, plow forest and meadow, without speed limit and without fear that Greta Thunberg will suddenly jump out of a hedge somewhere and "How dare you?" growls: The one recently launched in Early Access Lumberjack simulator seems to be the perfect title for anti-activist activists who are more afraid of a 17-year-old girl than the consequences of climate change. Fans of the off-road hit Spintires: Mudrunner, on the other hand, listen up when they learn about the deformable terrain of the Canadian lumberjack game. It is supposed to simulate muddy routes and the behavior of the vehicles so physically correctly that the path from A to B turns into an adventure.

Competitor Spintires celebrates the essence of off-road driving: the nerves are tense to tear, there is always the danger that we will die in the mud, drown in the river, tumble off mini bridges or simply tip over. If wood chopping peter or chopping petras want to leave a piece of dirt on the Lumberjack Simulator, they activate the limited slip differential and are out of the mess. Getting stuck is almost impossible, the driving challenge tends to zero. Mudrunner consequently remains the dirt queen, at least for the time being, because of course the Lumberjack simulator developers want to spice up their baby during the early access phase.

The other day at Ninja Warrior

There is a lot of uneventful driving around on the program at the moment. The forester grinds to buy new vehicles. Another goal? Damage? Wrong! But okay, maybe he has Lumberjack simulator yes about another core competency, after all – the intelligent reader may already have a slight foreboding because of the game title – mainly about logging.

The amateur use of the timber harvester sometimes leads to impressive results. & Nbsp;

The amateur use of the timber harvester sometimes leads to impressive results.

Source: PC games

Cut trees, remove branches, load trunks, plan through the botany and sell the wood in front of the hut for sale: At first the unsuspecting townspeople might think that the job of a forester is a breeze. Until his heavy-duty harvester (German: harvester) considers himself a ninja warrior and climbs a tree. Entry in the notebook for the stupid: We snap birch & Co. before and start first after that the felling head fixed to the trunk, which also removes the branches. The other way around, the feed wheels of the cutting unit bring the vehicle to the palm of your hand. Upsi!

The biggest challenge in the Lumberjack Simulator is to load the logs by crane. At first, it feels edifying like these dodgy automatic grippers that hang around at fairs, for example. In such phases, the urge arises to force the developers to take a truck with Stevie Wonder at the wheel. After some practice, the tree trunk tetris is fun. The authentic vehicles, the good soundscape and interesting tutorials are also worthy of praise.

However, the playable instructions for use reveal another shortcoming: Those who have finished the tutorials have seen almost everything. The game is just as extensive as a top model that you want to push into a pond to throw breadcrumbs at. Multiplayer? Nope! There are also only two cards and just six vehicles. For them there are five add-on parts lying around in the workshop and appear so abandoned that they would probably like to say "I'm carshipping now!" whimper.

Only small trees like this can be felled with the chainsaw. Our car is parked on the left. & Nbsp;

Only small trees like this can be felled with the chainsaw. Our car is parked on the left.

Source: PC games

Older people like the author of these lines feel transported to their youth in view of the look. We didn't have anything in the past, not even graphics for adventures and later no bodies for first person shooters. If you look down in the Lumberjack Simulator, you will also find neither arms nor stomach nor legs. Missing fingers would have been okay, but that's how the alter ego controls the vehicles with Jedi powers. Objects such as the chainsaw also float around in front of the Holzmichel or Holzmichaela using telekinesis. Camera control and control turn out to be disasters. The logger cannot look around in the cockpit, and even the swiveling outdoor camera does not provide enough overview when the machine is used on the trees. Accelerate and brake with the two gamepad triggers works. Sometimes. If not, you have to drive forwards and backwards with the left stick. What a bad idea! If we switch on the light at dusk, the game counters with a crash. Always.

Whoever is walking and can look up and down normally throws "Hosanna!" crowing confetti because something goes smoothly. The software inverts the y-axis every now and then. While playing. We haven't always wanted that either. The Lumberjack Simulator scores one thing over Mudrunner: it is much more accessible. Perhaps the developers are still carving the interesting approaches into shape. We wish you good wood for the early access phase!

Lumberjack Simulator (PC)

interesting tutorials
relatively accessible for a simulation
authentic vehicles
challenging loading with cranes
good soundscape
a lot of uneventful driving around
no motivating goal
poor camera work and perspectives
incorrect control and other bugs
small scope of play

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