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Whether in films or series, some actors turn out to be a real magnet for film death. A list finally gives information about which performers had to give up the spoon most often. But there are also many other interesting details about film death.

If you had to guess which actor would most likely die from series and film death, who would you nominate on this point? We are pretty sure that many of you would call Sean Bean. Be it in Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings or in other action strips, we often see Sean Bean suspiciously blessing time. Surprisingly, however, there are actors whose roles in film and television are even more doomed to death.

Male actors die from film death more often

Buzz Bingo editors did some research to find out which actor had to play the most common death scenes. The result is impressive: Danny Trejo has now chosen a detailed list as the actor who most often had to die in his film roles. With a total of 65 deaths he tops this list, followed by Christopher Lee (60 deaths) and Lance Henriksen (51 deaths). Danny Trejo is known among others from the "Machete" films, From Dusk Till Dawn, or Breaking Bad.

However, this highly interesting list reveals many other details: According to Buzz Bingo, male actors die most frequently at 75.9%, while women are only at 24.1%. For women, actress Shelley Winters tops the list with 20 deaths. In second place is Julianne Moore with 17 deaths and in third place Jennifer Jason Leigh with 14 deaths.

Incidentally, 1997 was the deadliest year for characters on the big screen. All in all 330 film deaths there were complaints this year. For 85 of them was alone Titanic responsible. This list was approved by IMDb, which makes it even more credible. If you are curious and want to take a closer look at the list, you can do so here:

What do you think of this list? Would you have guessed Sean Bean or another actor? Let us know in the comments!

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