Mafia: Definitive Edition – Complete solution for the PC classic

Mafia: Definitive Edition – Complete solution with tips for the PC classic. We have rummaged in our archives and offer you our solution for the classic version of the PC game. Note: The complete solution is still written in the you-salutation. The missions for the fantastic new edition have the same content. In our test for Mafia: Definitive Edition, the new edition achieved a rating of 9 out of 10 points. Except for the mode Free ride extreme as well as the original radio music, the individual tasks have the same content. There are new vehicles and motorbikes, and both the English and German voice overs create a fantastic Mafia atmosphere.

So use the following Mafia solution for the Definitive Edition. You can also use our tips for the remastered versions of Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. The three adventures for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also available in a trilogy version. In our review of the Mafia 2 remake, you can read everything you need to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the excellent second part. Smaller quirks affect the fun minimally. For example, we have made all the locations of the Playboy magazines available to you in the tips section.

Mafia complete solution with tips for the classic version

We help all Mafiosi on the long way to the final battle in Mafia: The City of Lost Haven. In addition to the detailed complete solution, you will find useful abbreviations on the map that will make life in Lost Heaven much easier for you.

01: An irresistible offer

You have to get the two mafiosi to safety. Drive with concentration and caution – if possible, turn into alleys. Make sure you avoid a crash. Remember: the mafiosi can shoot at the pursuers – but only from the right side of the vehicle. As soon as the guys have been shaken off, it's leisurely to Salieri's bar. For navigation: The Terranova Bridge is closed – take a different route.

<img src = "" alt = "Mafia – Tips for the game world map with important points – Attention: The mode Free ride extreme does not exist in the Definitive Edition. Just click into the picture to enlarge the map.”/>

Mafia – Tips for the map game world with important points – Attention: The mode Free ride extreme does not exist in the Definitive Edition. Just click into the picture to enlarge the map.

Source: PC Games

02: On the run

This mission is initially only for your orientation. Transport the passengers, keep to the speed limit and do not knock anyone over – otherwise the mission will have failed.

02-02: On the run – the coffee break

Walk straight ahead and follow the arrow, continue straight ahead, slightly left and then back into a side street that is indicated by an arrow. Here you go up a flight of stairs to the left and then immediately to the right – straight ahead you end up in a dead end. In the courtyard with the carpet, go down a flight of stairs to the right and back onto the street – there, turn left and follow the arrow again. Diagonally right through the next backyard, back onto the street and you're in the bar.

03: Molotov party

Mafia: Definitive Edition walkthrough with tips (2)

Mafia: Definitive Edition walkthrough with tips (2)

Source: PC Games

Shortly before the destination, turn left into the parking lot. From here you come to the parking lot via the back through a grille door. Be the first to hit the guard at the gate with your club and take the weapon. Now you beat the three parked cars to lumps. If you forego using the Mollis, you save yourself a fight with four gangsters. As soon as all three cars are ready for scrap, the car goes out of the shed (Falconer Blue) back to the bar.

04: Pure routine

Get a gun and speak to Ralph twice – he'll teach you how to crack a Bolt B. Then it's off to town. All you have to do is drive the car while Sam and Paulie collect the protection money. You're in no hurry – so don't mess with the police unnecessarily.

04-03: Pure routine – Clarks Motel

Go around the motel to the back of the building. A table and some boxes take you to the balcony and inside. Take care of the guard dog in the yard – if he gets too close, you will give him a bullet. On the upper floor, first open the toilet door on the right and take out the individual gangster. There is a Thompson in the room across from the balcony door. At the end of the corridor on the right you will find a bathroom behind a normal room – there you will find a first aid kit. When all the minions are done, you can save Sam. Beware: as soon as you come out of the room, another enemy is waiting for you.

04-04: Pure routine – get it!

Your victim has an accident before the tunnel – at that moment you can sit down next to it and shoot the tires. Now you have a speed advantage. In the tunnel at the latest, you should then be able to eliminate the enemy with targeted shots from the car.

05: fair play

Drive to the racetrack. Get out at the gatekeeper, speak to him and then drive with him to the garage. There you take over the racing car. Now drive to Lucas Bertone using the two abbreviations in the working-class district. As soon as this has defused the car a bit, it's the same way back to the race track.

06: Fair play – before the race

Driving tips
• Only brake when the wheels are straight – otherwise you will skid.
• Take your foot off the accelerator when cornering. Roll through the curve.
• Slowly accelerate after a sharp turn, otherwise the tail will break away.
• When your car picks up, press the reset button immediately. You will be penalized with a few seconds, but you can continue driving.
You have to complete five laps of the treacherous race course and be the first to cross the finish line. Your opponents do not drive very fast – but they like to jostle for their lives. At the start, stay on the left-hand side and avoid the stopped car. If you stay outside, you can take the lead at the first chicane. Now all you have to do is drive carefully and with concentration.

06-05: Fair play – Lucas Bertone

Lucas shows you for the first time how to crack a special car. He will do this more often in the future. He kindly also tells you where to find a suitable vehicle. With the exception of this mission, Bertone missions are always bonus missions. A fancy car always jumps out of it – but it can also be dangerous at times.

07-03: Sarah – surprise

You and Sarah are attacked in a side street not far from the bar. While you are fighting with the first three serious birds, Sarah runs into another alley. Keep an eye on the girl – she's running into another group of sinister figures. In principle, every crook you attack leaves Sarah. So first distribute a generous round of beatings with your brass knuckles. Now the whole mob is hanging on your neck. The trick: keep hitting and walking backwards. This is how you land loads of hits. Little by little the opponents have had enough and leave. Don't chase the guys, go to Sarah and take her home.

07-06: Better get used to it – the service station

Things get brutal at the service station. You are not allowed to shoot, otherwise the leaders will flee. Far more important than your own health is Paulie's. If he dies, you can start all over again. The trick from the previous mission also works here: beat you in reverse. Beware: it's all too easy to accidentally hit Paulie – so stay far enough away if possible. Try to lure all opponents to you. Paulie remains largely uninjured and can hit the racket from behind.

Exchange of fire

You constantly have to either flee from someone or chase a vehicle yourself. These tips will help.
• If you change gear manually, you can drive a good deal faster than with the automatic.
• Try to lure your pursuers into obstacles. To do this, drive as close as possible to lanterns, trams or bridge piers.
• If a general alarm has not yet been raised, you can avoid your arrest by removing the police officers.
• The wanted bar disappears over time if no police officer sees you.
• Change vehicles or try your luck on foot when the police are after you – this confuses the cops immensely.
• When there is some space, hook it. If your pursuers can no longer see you, you're done.
Once all the clubs are on the ground, pull out the pistol. Just run down the path, up the stairs and down into the yard. A total of seven opponents stand in your way. Wild firing doesn't help here – aim precisely and just shoot from crouching. Wait for the opponents to pause for reloading to have an easy game.

07-07: Better get used to it – The hunt

Chase the villains – focus on driving while doing so. Paulie shoots the opponent every now and then – but in the end the car always stops in an alley. If you stop the enemy beforehand, the mission is over as soon as you get out of the car. Even if the mission – as you can see in the following installation – was unsuccessful, it is over. You cannot influence the outcome of the scene.

The Mafia complete solution including tips is continued on the following page!

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