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Mafia Definitive Edition – Find all dime books: Video guide with tips on the collectibles in the new edition of the Mafia adventure. You will find a total of 80 booklets divided into four categories. So you collect 20 booklets per category. We show you video tips for the locations of all issues for each category. You can find the dirty notebooks in story missions as well as in free exploration of the game world. You can't miss any of the magazines.

All dime books in Find the Mafia: Definitive Edition: Below these lines we offer you four video guides including tips on all the locations of the booklets in the new edition of the PC classic. You will find a total of 80 groschen books in the Mafia adventure. These are divided into four categories of 20 booklets each. So you're looking for 20 magazines each from the brands Dime Detective, Black Mask, Super Science Stories and Terror Tales. The locations of the magazines are divided into the story missions and the free roam mode. If you collect your first magazine, you will receive the PS4 trophy or the Xbox One achievement pulp Fiction.

During the missions or in free game in Mafia: Definitive Edition don't miss any of the magazines. All chapters can be played separately again after the story is over. The collectibles will be displayed on your minimap in the adventure as soon as you approach them. In the game menu for the collectibles you can check which penny books you have already collected. You simply arrange the collectibles of the desired type. If you have collected one of the notebooks, the game saves immediately. So if you play a chapter again, you can end the chapter after collecting it.

In the following four videos we provide you with tips on all the locations of the Groschenhefte in Mafia Definitve Edition. These come from Youtuber PowerPyx. On his channel you can find many more videos about the new version of Mafia and other games. Once you've got all the dime books, you'll unlock the Walking Library achievement for your collection. We still recommend our review of Mafia Definitive Edition. There you will find details on all of the game's strengths and weaknesses.

Mafia Definitive Edition – Find all 20 Dime Detective books

The following video offers tips on all Dime Detectives in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Mafia Definitive Edition – Find all 20 Black Mask booklets

Tips on all locations of the Black Masks dime books in Mafia Definitive Edition can be found in the following video.

Mafia Definitive Edition – Find all 20 Super Science Stories booklets

All locations of the Super Science Stories magazines in Mafia Definitive Edition are provided by this tips video.

Mafia Definitive Edition – Find all 20 Terror Tales magazines

You can see all the locations of the Terror Tales booklets in Mafia Definitive Edition in the fourth video.

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