Mafia is back. At least on Twitter, where the developer hasn't whispered a word for two years. Suddenly tweeting a single, mysterious word after such a long time has an impact on the community, of course, and spurs the rumor mill. Hopefully rightly, huh?


Mafia calls the family together and the family is looking forward to it Mafia 4 or a Remaster. In one new, pinned tweet the developer drops a tiny word; you guessed it: "Family." The same family of fans and players is now gathering, in anticipation of an announcement:

The Mafia account gave the last sign of life almost two years ago, one wheeze at a time free Mafia 3 weekend for PS4 players. After such a long time suddenly with a mysterious "family." To throw themselves, should mean something. The only question is what – and whether it is a remaster or a new part; or something completely different.

Well, there are clues. And more clues than a single word: years ago of the Another studio opened spoken under the patronage of Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13. There should be one unannounced AAA game be developed; what it is was not revealed. And since we are already swimming in the sea of ​​rumors: One vacancy Hangar 13 also speaks of one brand new IPthat is currently being worked on. That would therefore speak for a new game, and not Mafia 4. Which of course does not exclude a fourth part.

Mafia 3 was a, um, artwork when it came on the market:

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So we know that we don't know anything, which is something after all. However, I expect to be there soon even more know when we watch the Mafia Twitter account with the eyes of an expectant family. What we will do.