Magic broom of the Holy Night with new animation

from Philipp Sattler
The Hallow's End will take place again this year in WoW. The holiday doesn't really bring any new content into the game, but it still has one cool thing in its luggage. The magic broom that can be looted and that can only be used during Hallow's Eve has been given a new animation.

Hallow's End is one of the more popular holidays in WoW. One of the reasons for this is that there is a special mount to loot from the event boss, the headless rider. The Headless rider's steed reminds a little of the Witcher Mounts and is not yet in the collection of all hardworking players even after many years. Another special feature of the Hallow's End is that Magic broom. This "mount" is actually not a mount in the classic sense, but an object with which you can swing yourself on an enchanted broom. But then it works exactly like a mount. The only difference: the Magic broom has no effect time, so you sit up immediately and can take off. Unfortunately, the broom only works during the holy night.

This Magic broom has now received a new feature from the developers. Many mounts have their own "mount special". You start this animation if, for example, you press the jump key (usually space bar) while standing still in areas where you are not allowed to fly. Or by entering / mountspecial in the chat. Now he finally has Magic broom such a special animation. Instead of just jumping in the air, you perform a clean loop from standing before you come to a safe stop again.

You get that Magic broom for 150 Trick and Treat at the two merchants on Hallow's Eve. Dorothea in Elwynn Forest and Chub in Undercity. In addition, it can of course be in the bags that you loot from the headless rider.

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