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The Cryptic Studios are currently working on the action RPG Magic: Legends and now it is clear that the Free2Play game will be financed through loot boxes. You buy booster packs that contain random spells, artifacts and new classes.

The lootbox debate keeps coming up. Developers and publishers love the boxes because they encourage them to buy and wash money into the tills. Players and consumer protection see it a little differently. In the upcoming action RPG Magic: Legends we see the mechanics again, in the form of booster packs.

Magic: Legends lets you buy booster packs

As developer studio Cryptic announces, Magic: Legends is a Free2Play game. If you don't pay money, you can play the entire content and have access to some basic classes for creating the character. DLCs ​​with more stories or other missions should not be sold. For this you can buy in-game currency, ether, which you can use to get booster packs.

In these booster packs you will find random spells, artifacts, other items and even new, special classes. However, these should not be items and classes that are more powerful than those for which you do not have to spend any money. You only get the option to try out other game styles.

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There is also a Battle Pass, which you can generally get for free. A Battle Pass offers in-game currency, costumes, special spells and artifacts. A paid version of the pass gives you special cosmetic items, more in-game currency and other customization options for your hero. You can also buy things like loadout slots, deck slots, XP boosts and other items that help you level in the shop against Aether. But all of this is meant to be optional and only to help you progress a little faster as you level up your character.

A beta of the action RPG Magic: Legends is planned for 2020. The game appears on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Source: Magic: Legends Web Site

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