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Many MMORPG fans were amazed when the Cryptic Studios launched their online game Magic: Legends. Because for years it was said that it would be an MMORPG, but what was then shown comes very close to a hack 'n slay. The developers have now explained why they chose this genre.

When the Cryptic Studios announced a new game about three years ago, it was said that it would be created in MMORPG for Magic: The Gathering. Now the first gameplay from Magic: Legends shows an action RPG that strongly reminds of Diablo 3. What happened?

The buttocks of summoned monsters were to blame

In an interview, the team explains that it has long been considered which direction the game should take. Initially, a classic MMORPG with a 3rd person perspective was actually planned. In between, the idea even came up to make an action game. In the end, however, the decision was made to adopt an isometric perspective and an action RPG approach. And for a very specific reason.

Magic: Legends is about magic and summoning creatures, and that's exactly what they wanted to show. Especially if you summon the really big monsters, you would always stare at their butts in the 3rd person perspective. In order to have a better overview and to be able to show the summons really cool, the decision was made to use the Iso view. And so the genre has also developed more into an action RPG.

Source: MassivelyOP

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