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Cryptic Studios has been teasing an action MMORPG in the universe of Magic: The Gathering for years. What has now been shown looks more like Diablo.

The first gameplay video for <a href = "https://www.pcgames.de/Magic-Legends-Spiel-72413/Videos/Cinematic-Trailer-Ankuendigung-MMO-Action-RPG-1339262/" title = "Cryptics Magic: Legends"target =" _ blank "> Cryptics Magic: Legends is there. Over the past three years, the developers have referred to the game as MMORPG. But what has now been shown confuses some.

It's not an MMORPG, is it?

Magic: Legends looks like a hack 'n slay, according to the first gameplay video. Visually, it resembles Diablo 3 with its colorful graphics. The details of the gameplay also indicate less of an MMORPG.

You are either alone or a maximum of three in the levels. The quests are very story-heavy and you can change classes in cities. Your skills are determined by cards that you can find during your adventures and can also be improved with shards. There is apparently no loot in the game, you will only find mana and life energy orbs and shards.

The fights should be very fast and action-packed. With one mouse button you start a regular attack, with the other you trigger a class-specific ability. You have a total of 12 skills / cards that rotate through and always four cards can be active at the same time. The level of difficulty in the game is dynamically adjusted by the AI ​​called "The Director". For example, if you find it difficult to move forward, the game will be easier. Two of the five planned classes were shown – the Ranged Combat Mind Mage and the melee Geomancer. It is also important in the battles to summon creatures that support you. PvP also plays a role, but only takes place in duels. The quests are designed for cooperative team play.

Some players seem to be confused that Magic: Legends is now an action RPG and not an MMORPG. The new information and the gameplay video are therefore currently being discussed controversially. When Magic: Legends will be released is not yet clear. But it comes on the market as a Free2Play game.

Source: PCGamer / reddit

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