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For the 26th time, the people of Wizards of the Coast and inventors of Magic: The Gathering and the online branch Arena are looking for the World Champion – this time also digitally on Twitch, because the matches will be played in MTGA. At stake are not only fame and glory, but also a total of $ 1 million in prize money. Follow the tournament on Twitch!

When Richard Garfield worked on the first cards for his card game Magic: The Gathering in the early 1990s, he could hardly believe how successful his game would be. Even after almost 30 years, fans now collect, trade or play over 18,000 different cards. Several video games followed early on, including Magic: The Gathering Online, which allows players around the world to duel each other. However, the game only appeals to die-hard fans with its stale graphics and non-intuitive design.

Time leap forward: The developers of Magic dare to try again and send Magic: The Gathering Arena (short: MTGA) into the race. The second expansion called Theros: Beyond Death is now available in MTGA. Based on the maps contained therein, the World Championship XXVI Finale will be held between 16 participants this weekend, from February 14, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. to February 16, 2020. It's not just about fame and glory, it's about $ 1 million in prize money overall; The most successful player can take 300,000 of them home. The finalists come to Hawaii from twelve countries to pound the weekend on their different decks. If you want to follow the event live, you should go to Twitch on the Magic Channel turn on; As already mentioned, it starts at 8:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

If you are a bit deeper in the matter and interested in the decks that the participants have put together, then have a look at the official website Magic World Championship XXVI past!

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