Magic the Gathering not only invented the concept of trading card games, but is now venturing into the genre of online role-playing games.

With MTG Arena, Wizards of the Coast has explored the digital market in recent years. Now the online role-playing game Magic Legends has been introduced, in which you can explore the multiverse beyond the card game. A first trailer was presented at the Game Awards 2019.

The MMORPG is created at Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment, which have already demonstrated their knack for adapting well-known brands with Star Trek Online.

If you want to enjoy Magic as a card game rather than a role-playing game, MTG Arena is the right place for you at the moment:

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On the current website you can already secure a place in the beta of the game. This should start in the course of 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. However, it is not yet known when Magic Legends will be officially released. More information about the game is expected to follow in January 2020.