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The latest set of Magic: The Gathering will be released on February 5, 2021. Kaldheim sends you into a world full of Vikings, Valkyries and mighty gods. The northern peoples fight with dwarves and elves for the favor of the gods. But monsters and undead draugr also threaten the world of Kaldheim. The new set includes two new keywords: bragging rights and predestination. In addition, as in the last set of Zendikar's Renewal, there are again double-sided cards that you can use flexibly. Mechanics like sagas and snowy lands are also celebrating their comeback. We are exclusively introducing you to two cards from the new Kaldheim Magic Set!

MTG: Kaldheim – King Narfi's betrayal

King Narfi's Betrayal is a powerful card for all Dimir decks!

King Narfi's Betrayal is a powerful card for all Dimir decks!

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Legends have been around as a card type since the Dominaria set and have enjoyed great popularity ever since. When you play out a legend, you immediately trigger the first step. At the beginning of your next turn, you go one step further and activate the next effect. So you only have to play one card to influence the game for several turns.

When you play King Narfi's Treason (original name "King Narfis Betrayal"), each player puts the top four cards of his deck into the graveyard. That alone is useful, as you have all sorts of powerful tricks with the colors blue and black to revive your creatures. You can also exile a creature or planeswalker card from any graveyard. In the next two turns you can then play these cards from exile.

Beat at your own arms
On the one hand, you play your powerful cards from the cemetery again. On the other hand, you can first remove important key cards from the opponent's graveyard and use them against him later. Or you wait until a strong opponent's creature lands in the graveyard and only then play King Narfi's betrayal.
But even if the opponent does not have strong cards, it is worth the effort. For just three mana you can summon two creatures or planeswalkers, which gives you a massive card advantage!

A strong card for villains
In the standard format, the black and blue "Dimir Rogues" deck is currently popular, which relies on "milling" your own and opposing decks. King Narfi's betrayal fits in perfectly! Until now, there were only a few cards that you could play on turn three for three mana in this deck. With King Narfi's treachery, you will start immediately. With just a few more cards, you can quickly get to the eight cards for Flying Thief.

In Limited formats such as Draft, the card is a real "bomb", as a card advantage really pays off there. But even in the Commander format, King Narfi's betrayal is strong. If you play with four, you send four cards into exile and have a larger selection of creatures and planeswalkers that you can then play. For the deck around Araumi, flood of the dead from Commander Legends, King Narfi's Treason is a good choice.

MTG: Kaldheim – Draugr recruiter

<img src = "" alt = "The Draugr recruiter can do one per turn get a creature from the graveyard into your hand.
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The Draugr Recruiter can bring a creature from the graveyard into your hand once per turn.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Bragging is a new keyword from Kaldheim. You can only activate the effect once per turn and only if you have already declared an attack with the creature. You can basically use activatable abilities at any time. Therefore, you can activate bragging rights before your creature is blocked and the temporal blessings.

The Draugr Recruiter (original name "Draugr Recruiter") can bring back a creature card from your graveyard to your hand with her bragging ability for three generic and one black mana. The effect is quite expensive and is only worthwhile if particularly powerful creatures are dormant in your graveyard. For a total of four mana, the values ​​3/3 won't tear anyone off their feet. But the Draugr recruiter has the rarity level "frequent". Therefore, you will often have them available at the draft. Then, when you've put together a black and blue resuscitation deck and possibly pulled King Narfi's treachery, the Draugr Recruiter is a nice addition to the draft deck.

The card has the zombie and cleric creature types. With the black and white clergy from Zendikar's renewal, a few small combos and gimmicks are also possible.

"You just activated my trap card!"

Granted, the meme comes from another card game. However, the new predetermination mechanism is very reminiscent of trap cards. Predestined spells can be cast face down for two generic mana. At a later point in time, you can then activate the face-down cards for their prediction costs. This cost is lower than the normal mana cost. So you can play expensive creatures earlier. Or you activate covert instants in the opposing turn. So as soon as you play a card face down, your opponent does not know whether he is falling into a trap or you have just laid a bluff.

The World Tree is located in the heart of Kaldheim and connects all ten realms with one another.

The World Tree is located in the heart of Kaldheim and connects all ten realms with one another.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

More machine heads from Kaldheim

The snowy lands are back! You can play these cards like normal basic lands and generate mana in the corresponding color as normal. However, there are spells that get stronger the more snowy lands you have played.
The double-sided printed cards give you flexibility. On the one hand, there are countries that produce either only black or only red mana. When playing, you decide which mana source you need more urgently. On the other hand, there are also weak creatures that allow you access to a powerful god on the back. If you draw this card in the first few turns, the normal creature brings you to the front. In the later turns you can rather play the god and decide the game for you!

The products from Kaldheim

In addition to the normal draft boosters, there are also set, collector and theme boosters from Magic: The Gathering - Kaldheim.

In addition to the normal draft boosters, there are also set, collector and theme boosters from Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

In addition to the normal boosters, which are designed for the Draft and Sealed formats, there are also set boosters specially designed for collectors. These packs can contain several rare cards at the same time. For hardcore fans and collectors, there are also the collector boosters, which contain many foil cards and rare cards, but are not exactly cheap at around 20 euros per pack. There are also theme boosters, a stylish bundle with a box for your cards and ready-made commander decks. Here you can find the nearest store near youwho will provide you with all Magic products as soon as this is possible again.

Mystical beings and dangerous monsters inhabit the world of Kaldheim.

Mystical beings and dangerous monsters inhabit the world of Kaldheim.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

The new set will also appear online at Magic: The Gathering Arena. You can get started there on January 28th. At the same time, the Early access to the Android version. In the future, you can also play relaxed with your smartphone on the train or on the couch.

How do you like the new Kaldheim set? Do you think King Narfi's betrayal will have a huge impact on the metagame? Do you prefer to play online or in the classic analogue with real cards? Feel free to use the comment function!

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