Malicious drone drops corpse eater at Uldum-Rare

of Sebastian Glanzer
A new encroachment area with a new storyline and other daily quests has been active in Uldum since Saturday. Since then you can also get a new mount, which you get from the rare mob corpse eater. We show you where you can find it and what the chances of the mount are.

You may have already seen Uldum chat or the custom group search tool that players are looking for Corpse Eater or looking for corpse eaters. This is located in Uldum at coordinates 30.8, 49.7 and leaves one of the new mounts with a small chance Malicious drone fall. The source of the drone has always been corpse-eater in the game files from the PTR, but with the start of the new attack area in Uldum (on Saturday 18.1.20) the mob appeared for the first time. So it could be that the rare mob disappears until the next attack change in Uldum and you for the next chance Malicious drone have to wait.

According to wowhead, the drop chance is just 0.8%, although this number could be adjusted up and down over the next few days due to the low number of kills. If you want to increase your chance of this special mount, defeat the drone with as many twinks as possible, provided you are qualified for the new content in Uldum. If corpse eaters are not active in your layer, you can use the group search tool as mentioned and join other mount farmers. Malicious drone is just one of many beetle mounts and other cute mounts like alpacas, but also nasty flight lines from the ranks of N'Zoth. If you are looking for more new mounts in Patch 8.3 from Battle for Azeroth, we recommend our large mount overview:

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