Saturday, September 25, 2021

Malicious hackers make players cry

Image source: Kinetic Games / Warner

The horror game Phasmophobia is scary enough in itself, but hackers are currently up to mischief and ruin the game because it is just too cruel.


Phasmophobia: Hackers create a nightmare

Phasmophobia is one of a kind, and apparently it was exactly what players didn't know they wanted but are now playing steadily. The multiplayer title is also regularly played in streams and provides one or the other moment of horror for both the players and the viewers.

Currently, however, streamers in particular are struggling with unwanted modders. These invade the lobbies and change various game elements like the spawn rates of the terrible ghosts by adding plenty of jumpscares between the intended ghost appearances. While a normal round only provides a few such ghost encounters to keep the ghost hunt exciting, the manipulation of the game mechanics leads to a cheap horror experience with deafening volume, the often causes tears and severe anxiety – anything but healthy. For example, it was the case with streamer Jasminwolfe.

Warning, the clip is very loud!

Phasmophobia: Developer takes action against it

Of course, developer Kinetic Games did not miss it and is now advising players to run the beta version of the game to avoid modders, and assures that Anti-cheat measures implemented. Furthermore, Kinetic Games has announced that it will take action against these hackers so that the steadily growing community can continue to enjoy the game.

Jasmin Peukert
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