Malicious sharks make it difficult for players, but make us laugh

They slide across fields, go up stairs and sometimes float through the air. The sharks are going on in Fortnite. They terrorize the players and – often cause one or the other scream and laugh.

"Baby Shark Dim Dim DimDim Dimdim". Catchy tune You are welcome! However, the sharks we are talking about are anything but small. They are large, have huge, sharp teeth and are often fatal.

The new season recently started in Fortnite and this has brought a lot of water along with new content. Gray and big fish now make life hell for the players, because anyone who thinks that sharks are only in the water is extremely wrong.

Which do you seem familiar with?

Fortnite: Players scream and can't believe it

More and more videos are appearing on social media, in which the players deal with giant sharks on the map. You can not only find them in the water at the moment, they don't stop at stairs and buildings either – not nice if you just want to concentrate on killing opponents.

We will show you what is currently happening to players using a few examples:

"This shark has just climbed stairs"

"Out of nowheres "

"Please what?"

"Sharks have been added to Fortnite and I'm not happy about it. Warning * high scream of fear * in this clip and also my lovely NON-girlfriend who is laughing at me @ thequeenofcats0"

"These Fortnite sharks. Vicious"

Tfue also had fun!

Have you ever come across a shark? What exactly happened and how did you react? What do you think of the new season in general? We are happy to tell us in the comments.