Manor Lords: Ambitious medieval building game in the video

This is what the developer says about Manor Lords.

Coming soon, a medieval strategy game for PC, which combines deep, natural and realistic urban planning with large-scale, tactical battles.


Manor Lords aims to provide a gridless, organic urban building experience with full freedom in the placement and rotation of buildings. Of course, optional raster tools can also be used to make urban planning more convenient.

The building mechanics were inspired by the growth of real medieval towns and villages, with important trade routes and the landscape often influencing the formation and development of settlements.


Although the game is not set in a particular century, each building is inspired by historical references from 11th to 15th century Europe.

The fields must be plowed by a team of oxen, the iron must be melted in a racing furnace, the sheep are driven to the open pastures which are ruled by landlords …
Together with great attention to detail, this ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the governed medieval fiefdom.

The seasons pass, the weather changes, cities can develop and decay as a result of war, illness or famine.


Manor Lords aims to present battles that are as realistic as possible with large-scale troop formations, soldiers' morale, flanking attacks. Troop fatigue, weather and equipment also play an important role.

Position your troops wisely. Even a smaller force can beat a large army if commanded well.

Cavalry units, fortifications, troops on walls, gunpowder and siege machines (Trebuchets!) Are in the works and will be available in the finished game.

This game is developed by a single developer. You can contact me and tell me your thoughts, ideas and criticism – I listen to your feedback.