Many players could miss the launch, fears Sony boss

Those who have not yet been able to pre-order a PS5 will find empty shelves in some places on launch day. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, shared this fear in an interview.

PlayStation 5

The demand for the PS5 seems to be so high that many players will no longer be able to get a console on launch day. If you haven't pre-ordered the PS5, you could expect a yawning emptiness in the electronics stores.

In an interview with Reuters betrayed Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainmentthat the pre-order on the first day of activation "very very considerable" were. Sony does not seem to be keeping up with the production as Ryan assumes the following:

"It may well be that not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will actually find one."

According to Ryan, Sony did in the US Receive as many PS5 presentations within 12 hours as there were for PS4 in 12 weeks. In Germany, the PS5 is also sold out almost everywhere, but offers can still be found here and there, but it is quite possible.

Some pre-orderers pick up their PS5 in the market, it remains to be seen whether they can also find a console there when the local retailers hardly have any. Maybe they'll be standing in front of the electronics stores with dozens of people, as was the case with the launch of the PS4. We will find out on November 12, 2020.

Daniel Hartmann
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