Mario Kart 8 is still very popular years after its official release – the revised version for the Nintendo Switch in particular is a real bestseller. But what about a successor? A well-known leaker suspects that a new Mario Kart is just around the corner.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Leaker to the new Mario Kart: Nintendo racing game could appear at the end of the year

Anyone who regularly takes a look at the current top 10 Nintendo Switch games will find that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can still snatch a place on the podium 4 years after its official release. The arcade racer is a real hit!

But it’s about time for a successor, isn’t it? After all, the original for the Wii U appeared almost 7 years ago. A similar assumption seems to be made by the well-known Nintendo leaker and Industry insider Zippo to have:

“I’ve heard several times that Yabuki’s team (producer of the Mario Kart series) working hard on some kind of new Mario Kart and has been for 3 years. (…) So what is it exactly? Another extension of 8? Mario Kart 9? ‘Nintendo Kart’? IM not sure. All the reports make it sound like whatever it is is something that comes either around the 2021 holiday season or early next year. “

Mario Kart 9 in the starting blocks? Rumors should be treated with caution

Even if Zippo has predicted some Nintendo releases correctly in the past, it still is no proof that he will be right this time too – especially since Zippo himself admits that he doesn’t know what kind of Mario Kart project it is exactly.

Zippo also didn’t mention the platform for which the new Mario Kart is likely to appear. The new offshoot of Nintendo’s arcade racing series may be planned exclusively for the Switch Pro, which the rumor mill is also assuming that it will be released this year.

You notice: Specific information about a potential Mario Kart 9 is still in short supply at the moment. But what do you think? Is Nintendo already working behind closed doors on a successor? Or will the project mentioned by Zippo be “just” a DLC after all? Discuss and speculate with us in the Facebook comments.