Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

You can now pre-order the new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for the Nintendo Switch at MediaMarkt and Saturn. We'll tell you here how you can also save some money.

The newest entry in the popular Mario Kart franchise is expected to appear on October 16. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, in combination with your Nintendo Switch, will give you the opportunity to turn your living room into a race track – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and all other rooms work just as well, of course. With a real toy car, the "augmented reality" game will expand the "kart racing" genre in an innovative way. You can pre-order the game now at MediaMarkt and Saturn – and save money with a trick.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit can now be pre-ordered

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is currently offered at MediaMarkt and Saturn for 109 euros. However, you have the option of saving another 10 euros and thus reducing the price to 99 euros.

To take advantage of this discount, you just have to register for the MediaMarkt or Saturn newsletter. You will then receive a “10 Euro” coupon which you can redeem within 48 hours for purchases of 100 Euro or more.

Here you can pre-order Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit at MediaMarkt:

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Here you can pre-order Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit at Saturn:

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Check out the trailer for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit here:

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Kart racing in your living room

In addition to the Switch game, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit comes with a racing car and four arches to delimit the track. When buying, however, you have to choose between the Mario and Luigi versions – just choose the character that you like better.

You can play the game together with up to three other players. To do this, however, every racing driver needs a switch, the game and a racing car.

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