Mario-Monopoly and -Jenga for the anniversary

from Johannes Gehrling
Super Mario turns 35 this year! This anniversary is not only an occasion for Nintendo itself, for example to bring a lot of Mario block sets to the market together with Lego, but also other well-known companies. The toy manufacturer Hasbro will soon be releasing new Super Mario variants from Monopoly and Jenga.

Super Mario celebrates its 35th birthday this year. Since the early arcade and NES times a few decades ago, the mascot, once dubbed "Jump Man", has become a globally famous figure, the epitome of video games – Super Mario is known all over the world. To the anniversary Nintendo and Lego will soon release several interactive Lego sets with Super Mario that will be released on August 1st, 2020. Here you will find all sets, prices and links for pre-ordering. And just a few days ago, the Japanese company announced another Lego set, the first Nintendo NES home console made of plastic bricks. You can find all information here.

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Mario-Monopoly and Mario-Jenga

Now the American toy manufacturer Hasbro is also joining and has announced two new Mario products on the occasion of the anniversary. Also (like the Lego sets) on August 01, 2020 are said to be Mario versions of Monopoly and Jenga appear. The former is called "Super Mario Celebration Edition" and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon USA for around $ 30. This special Monopoly version has a large typical question mark block that can output sound effects.

In the game of skill Jenga the Mario version is about climbing a small tower as far as possible, removing blocks, collecting coins and defeating opponents. Shortly before the top, Mario's constant adversary Bowser is waiting for the players. The tower must not collapse under any circumstances. The price for Mario-Jenga is currently not known, nor are pre-orders possible.


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