Marksmanship hunters get some adjustments

from Philipp Sattler
In the latest build of the beta for WoW Shadowlands, the developers of Blizzard have now dealt with the marksmanship hunter and made some adjustments. The main thing is to get the consumption and the generation of focus better in harmony. There were also some unpopular talents at the collar.

After the alpha and beta for WoW Shadowlands has been running for some time and more and more players have the opportunity to put the content through its paces, the developers at Blizzard are slowly but surely starting to respond to the feedback and make adjustments to the various Classes and playing styles. In the most recent build, they took on the Marksmanship Hunter, where some talents and skills were tweaked. First and foremost, it is about making the way you play feel rounder and more pleasant. The balancing of the numbers is still in the background.

In particular, the consumption and the generation of focus were put to the test. In the beta it was in such a lopsided position that the Reliable Shot was almost completely obsolete. But this should be brought back into balance with the following changes:

  • Aimed shot now costs 35 focus (was 30).
  • Arcane shot and Multi-shot now cost 20 focus (up from 15).
  • Rapid fire only lasts 2 seconds (were 3). The damage should remain unaffected, only the focus generation is reduced.

As a result, you generate a little less focus and need a little more, which should integrate the use of Reliable Shot more strongly into the style of play.

In addition, some talents have been adjusted that have hardly been used before.

  • Level 15:
    • Master of Marksmanship: Your critical hits bleed the target for 15 percent of damage over six seconds.
    • Snake venom: The duration has been increased from 12 to 18 seconds.
  • Level 25:
    • Careful aiming Now applies to targets over 70 percent health (was 80 percent before). Instead, the bonus for targets with less than 20 percent health has been removed, as the hunter now has Lethal Shot again.
  • Level 35:
    • Constant focus: If you cast Reliable Shot twice in a row, your pace will increase by seven percent for ten seconds.
    • optimization: The damage of rapid fire is increased by 15 percent and rapid fire reduces the casting time of the next aimed shot by 30 percent.
    • Chimera shot now replaces Arcane Shot. Chimera Shot also no longer has a cooldown and benefits from all the reinforcements that apply to Arcane Shot.
  • Level 45:
    • Fatal Shots: The trigger chance has been increased from 20 to 30 percent.
  • Level 50:
    • Save and load: The trigger chance has been increased from 5 to 8 percent.

These adjustments should bring the talents closer together again and make the choice a little more difficult for the players.

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Source: Bluepost

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