She was one of the few superheroes Thanos feared, but her real powers are still unknown to moviegoers to this day: Wanda Maximoff is one of the great strangers in the MCU, which fans of the character just don't understand. Because in the comics, Wanda alias Scarlet Witch is not only one of the most powerful superheroes, but also one of the most interesting. Many are now betting on the Disney + series Wandavision, which is due to start in December, and the film Dr. Strange and the Universe of Madness, in which Wanda is supposed to play an important role. What makes Scarlet Witch so interesting? You can find out here.

Marvel: The Many Genesis Stories of Scarlet Witch
Like some other superheroes, Scarlett Witch and her backstory have seen some changes since their first appearance in 1964. Originally, she and her twin brother Pietro aka Quicksilver were two side villains from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants who were only half-heartedly involved. So it wasn't long before they switched to the heroes' side. 20 years later, the wicked upper mutant Magneto became the father of Wanda and Pietro.

One of the last big rewrites by Wanda and her brother Quicksilver is rumored to have to do with the complicated legal situation of the two.

Wanda and Pietro

Mutant or experiment? The story of how Wanda and her brother Pietro came about caused trouble.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Though Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are mutants and even children of villain Magneto, they made more appearances in the Avengers than in the X-Men comics. As the MCU picked up speed, Disney and Fox quarreled. Both companies were basically entitled to the film version of the characters, and at least at Quicksilver, Fox used that right too. Marvel then changed the backstory of Wanda and her brother again and completely removed the connection to Magneto and the mutant background. Instead, they were both failed experiments raised by a childless Romani couple. Fittingly, Scarlet Witch is not a mutant in the Marvel films either. Here she got her strength through experiments with the infinity stones.

In contrast, Wanda's powers have become stronger and stronger over time. At the beginning of her career she could influence probabilities with her hexes and bring bad luck to her opponents. Marvel writers later added these skills. Wanda discovered her talent for magic and was no longer just a mutant, but also a real witch. Important for this development was the witch Agatha Harkness, who too


One possible template for Wandavision is the House of M.

Source: Marvel Studios

Wanda's mentor and who may also appear in Wandavision. In the course of time, Wanda discovered new facets of her powers until she finally became one of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe, who can even change reality.

Marvel: Wanda's True Power – House of M
For the authors, the special powers of Scarlet Witch are still a gift. Unlike other superheroes, Wanda's powers are difficult to pin down. She is so powerful that even the Phoenix Force, one of the greatest forces in the Marvel Universe, is scared of her but cannot always control her abilities. The House of M comic series shows what can happen when Wanda uses all of her power. After a few traumatic experiences, she creates a completely new world in which a person's greatest wish is fulfilled. However, this universe is not as perfect as it first seems: In between, Wanda even destroys almost all mutant powers in a fit of rage – an action that still affects the character to this day.

Marvel: Scarlet Witch in the MCU
A multi-layered character with exciting powers: it's no wonder Wanda has become one of Marvel's most beloved characters.

Wanda and Vision

One of the most important people for Wanda has always been the Android vision.

Source: Marvel

That's why the expectations were high when Wanda and her twin brother Pietro appeared in the MCU for the first time in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Apart from a lot of potential, there has been little to see here so far. First Avengers: Endgame hinted at what is also in the MCU in Wanda Maximoff. In the final fight against Thanos, he and Wanda face each other for a few moments. And although Thanos has no idea who is fighting against him, he quickly realizes – he will not win this fight alone. Thanos provoked this duel with an action that was at least insignificant for him: he killed the android Vision.

Marvel: The Witch and the Android – Wandavision
Originally conceived to make both characters look more interesting, Wanda and Vision's relationship became one of the most important constants in Scarlet Witch's life. Much of this was established in the comic book series The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, which ran in 1982 and 1983 and was more of a family drama than a superhero comic. Interestingly, Steve Engleheart, who was in charge of The Vision and the Scaret Witch, also wrote Dr. Strange, which could also be one of the reasons Wanda is making her next big appearance in a Dr. Strange film at the MCU.

Disney +: Marvel series WandaVision in a new wicked trailer

If you follow the rumors so far and the trailer, it is pretty certain that The Vision and the Scarlet Witch was one of the inspirations for Wandavision. But not only that, the various realities that are shown in the trailer also make fans suspect that at least a few ideas from House of M have found their way into the series. For the fans of Wanda Maximoff, this means that the rest of the MCU may finally see more than just a lot of potential.

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