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There is another MCU film in the cinema: Black Widow is on the run in her solo film, which is set after Captain America: Civil War, and faces her past. The box office is ringing – at least where the operators are not boycotting.

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) first appeared in the MCU in Iron Man 2 over ten years ago. Now, after the Infinity saga and regular postponement due to pandemic restrictions, she is getting the solo film, long overdue from the point of view of many fans, which describes her experiences after Captain America: Civil War. But even though we know where to end because of the prequel nature of this new story, that doesn’t deter movie buffs – on the contrary. In the US, the Marvel action fireworks at theatrical release clears $ 80 million, making it the strongest theatrical release in the pandemic that hit cinemas particularly hard. Previously, Fast & Furious 9 was number 1 in the Corona cinema releases with $ 70 million.

Black Widow: Final trailer for the MCU film with Scarlett Johansson

Disney + revenue for Black Widow is massive

In addition to these 80 million dollars at the US box office, those in charge at Disney are very happy about the income from Disney +: Black Widow is also available at the same time as the cinema release via VIP pass for 21.99 euros. The VIP pass to Black Widow Disney brought in $ 60 million. The total worldwide earnings of Disney + and cinema tickets totaled $ 215 million. It should be noted here that the income from the streaming service goes completely into Disney’s own pocket, while cinemas also earn (a small part) from going to the cinema.

More about Black Widow: From villain to heroine – the story in the Marvel Comics

Black Widow boycott in Germany

Black Widow beckons in Germany (buy now 9,39 € )üover 200,000 people to the cinema, which is reflected in the two million euros at the box office. Strict hygiene rules, not completely occupied halls and a boycott have also had an effect here: The large Kinopolis group did not include the film in their program because the conditions set by Disney are not acceptable – here one refers primarily to the simultaneous release via Disney +. While cinema operators are supposed to keep their halls free for Black Widow, Disney ensures that viewers can simply watch the whole thing at home at the same time.

how do you see it? Is the Black Widow boycott justified? Do you want to see the film in the cinema? Will you get a VIP pass together with friends / family? Write to us in the comments!

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