Marvel: Spider-Man: Who is Miles Morales?

When you say Spider-Man, you automatically think of Peter Parker. Or at least it did until the early 2010s. Because in 2011 a new superhero appeared under the name. Miles Morales was young, a little chaotic, and unlike Peter Parker, a teenager with a Puerto Rican background.

Marvel: The Ultimate Spider-Man
Miles made his debut in the Ultimate Universe. In this series, Marvel Comics tried new ideas. An important difference to the regular one

In Spider-Man Miles Morales, Miles takes the lead role.

Source: Gamespress / Sony

Comic Universe was there that characters would never come back once they were dead. When it was agreed that Peter Parker would die in the Ultimate Universe, a successor was needed: Miles Morales. That created Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. When it comes to design, they let actors do it Donald Glover who appeared on the Community series wearing Spider-Man pajamas.

It was clear to both of them from the start that Miles should not be a mere copy of Peter Parker. So they changed his background. Miles was a teenager whose mother was from Puerto Rico. His uncle was repeatedly involved in criminal machinations and became the antithesis of Peter's uncle, Ben, in the course of Miles' first adventures. The inventors also gave the new Spider-Man slightly different capabilities. Miles' spider sense is much weaker than that of Peter. To do this, he has the ability to camouflage himself and paralyze his opponents with a special blow. But they both had one thing in common: They were nerds with a talent for science.

Marvel: Into the Spiderverse
Even if the reactions to Miles were mixed at first, the character managed to spin into the hearts of readers over the next few years. When the Ultimate Universe was dissolved in 2015, it was therefore clear that Miles would be one of the heroes who would also appear in the regular Marvel Universe. The advantage for the writers: They no longer had to constantly change the status quo of the original Spider-Man Peter Parker, but could finally let him grow up. The role of the inexperienced teenager Spider-Man could now be played by Miles Morales.

At first, in the comics, he was given the supervision of New York by Peter Parker, who in turn expanded his activities to the rest of the world. Marvel

Spider-Man: A new Universe

Miles' movie appearance in Spider-Man: A New Universe delighted critics and audiences.

Source: Sony

also let him appear in several crossover events in which he fought super villains along with other young superheroes, such as Ms. Marvel. A new comic starring him is planned for 2021.

Almost more important than Miles' comics career, however, are his appearances in other media. He is part of the team in the current Spider-Man cartoon series and plays an important role in Sony's Spider-Man Game for the PS4. He even takes on the lead role in the follow-up game Spider-Man Miles Morales, which has just come out. But he became really known through the 2018 film Spider-Man: A New Universe. The young, somewhat planned Miles, who saves the world together with other Spider heroes, was immediately sympathetic to the audience and critics described the film as one of the best in recent years.

Marvel: Miles Morales in the MCU?
With his own game, lots of fans and a successful animated film, it should only be a matter of time before Miles Morales appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), right? In fact, it's probably only a matter of time before Miles hits theaters, either as part of Sony's Spiderverse or the MCU. Because Tom Holland is not getting any younger and Miles would be perfect for a handover of the baton. First of all, Peter Parker will definitely appear in Spider-Man 3. After that, Sony and Disney should negotiate again – this time about a new Spider-Man.

Spider-Man – Miles Morales: Adventure Launch Trailer features additional material from the game

One way to make Miles show up is Aaron Davis, played by Donald Glover of all people in the movie Spider-Man Homecoming. In the Ultimate comics, Aaron Davis becomes the super villain Prowler. He also has a nephew: Miles Morales.

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